Do you buy a lot of things on Amazon? The next time you're about to buy something, if you use this affiliate Amazon link before you order, you can basically use the site as you normally would, but I'll get a small referral bonus for sending you over to the site! No cost for you, much support for me -- medical school is really expensive, so every dollar helps. So check that out. It's a super easy way to support me :)

Some articles in my blog may feature some affiliate links to products. If you use them, I will get a small referral bonus if you end up buying something on Amazon. By no means do you have to use these -- you can simply search directly for the item in Amazon, if you'd prefer. But I do make a point to only make links to items that are directly related to the content of my website, either because I use them personally, or have used/watched/read/listened to them in the past. I hope to reach a point in which this won't be necessary and I will be fully self-sufficient.