My name is Phil Delrosario.

Hello! I'm a Filipino-American filmmaker, storyteller, and aspiring physician. I'm originally from sunny Southern California, but now create things and study medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

 Courtesy of  Alex Ignacio

Courtesy of Alex Ignacio

I like saying that Universal Studios Hollywood was my childhood playground. I'm a self-taught storyteller, but it hasn't stopped me from always growing and seeking new ways to tell a narrative. I've produced several creative projects ranging from short films, stage plays, documentaries, to music videos. I believe in the power of storytelling as a means of expression, education, empowerment, and activism. I am combining my passions for media and medicine into a career that will eventually allow me to heal and educate at both the individual and community levels. My dream is to have an independent production company, run a free clinic, and start a Filipino-inspired cafe & community center.

 I graduated with B.A. in Human Biology and a Masters in Community Health and Prevention Research from Stanford University (and always working on an imaginary MFA in Film, heh.)