Short summaries of my body of work from the past years. New reels pending.



Recent Projects

A collection of film work consolidated into a playlist (excluding ones not posted on YouTube).


Kalayaan (Freedom) - 2018


A Filipino-American son processes the death of his mother, a migrant domestic worker.


(in post-production)

Produced by: Phil Delrosario, Jade Verdeflor

Written by: Phil Delrosario

Directed by: Phil Delrosario, Jade Verdeflor

ft. Ijay Espinoza, Matet Zaragoza, Jade Verdeflor, Nicole Kim, Kiana Guanzon

anamnesis - 2016


anamnesis (n.)
1. a recalling to memory, a recollection
2. [medicine] a patient's account of a medical history
Director: Phil Delrosario, Jade Verdeflor
Writers: Phil Delrosario, Jade Verdeflor
Producers: Phil Delrosario, Jade Verdeflor
Editor: Phil Delrosario
Featuring: John Carlo “Jolo” Buenaflor, Juliana Chang, Joriene Mercado
“Anamnesis” is the product of Jade's and my passion for medicine and art. We used our limitations to craft a story that embraces silence; that finds beauty in how much people can say in the way they move, the clothes they wear, the words they keep locked inside; that shows courage through our vulnerability, agency through our decisions; that illustrates that sometimes, in the quietest of moments, love is at its loudest.

made for YOMYOMF Interpretations 2.0 Contest


After Haiyan - 2014 (Cinematographer/Lead Editor)

Finalist at the Quisumbing-Escandor Film Festival for Health, 2018

Other major screenings:

Stanford Community Health Symposium (2016), APHA Film Festival (2016), Deaf Festival in Manila (2014)

"After Haiyan" (dir. Michael Nedelman, 2014) is a series of short video vignettes that explore how different communities are navigating the transition to long-term recovery following Typhoon Haiyan. Connecting socioeconomic and structural factors with other measures of health in a post-disaster Leyte, these vignettes address topics such as regional sources of livelihood; the experiences of health professions students in Tacloban; and issues of access and community among the Deaf.

Dreamers - 2014 (Director/Writer/Editor)

Selection at South Bay First Thursdays Asian Pacific Islander Film Festival (2016)

Written by: Phil Delrosario and Sunli Kim
Directed/Edited by: Phil Delrosario
Music by: Kevin MacLeod

A short-short film featuring the philosophical musings of a pet fish.