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Photography Challenge Week 5: Ten Shots

The Philadelphia Magic Gardens is indeed a magical, chimera of a location. Nestled in a tiny lot in the Philadelphia, the garden is a remarkable feat of public art, filled with debris, art, and other knick knacks combined together in what I can only describe as a 3D-mosaic playground. It was a joy to wander in this space with my friend, Nikita, who graciously let me fit this week's challenge into our city explorations as a subject for my 10 shots.

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Adventures in Abandoned Zoos

Back in January, I took a photo adventure with my old high school friend, Alex Ignacio. We explored the Old LA Zoo, the remains of which are in Griffith Park. The zoo closed in August 1966, but the ruins are still open for an assortment of hikers, photographers, and other adventurous souls. We spent a couple hours there and got some pretty nifty shots. Here are some of my favorites below. I'm so stoked to have these - I haven't had such nice pictures in a really long time.

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