Hindi Kita Malimot [I Can't Forget You] (Trio Cover)


by Josefino Cenizal

Arranged for two voices by Alfredo S. Buenaventura

Violin/Guitar: Phil Delrosario (@phildelrosario)

It's been a little over three years since I last made a classic Filipino love song cover, so I'm happy to share another one with the world. :)

I adore the sound and lyricism of this and many songs written in this period of Philippine music. The minor intros melting into major soaring tunes, the danza beats swaying and pulsing between beautiful lines of poetry. Ostensibly presenting as courtship or serenading songs to be sung for or with potential lovers, they also seem to speak to an unshakable love of country -- a land whose well-being and existence has been challenged and threatened for centuries. If I had been living in my grandparents' or great-grandparents' time, I would surely be wandering the provincial roads helping suitors serenade their romantic interests, or perhaps serenading my own.

It was fun making my own serenade squad and using a bit of cinema magic to make it all happen. Recently, I've been inspired by the cinematography of Lav Diaz and Alfonso Cuarón with their long takes replete with simple, yet textured staging.

Dedicated to the communities I love, my fam, and future partner. Happy Valentines' ;)

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Tagalog Lyrics:

Sa pangarap ko lamang, lagi kang nakikita

Dahil sa nawawalay, ka sa akin sinta.

Ako'y dumadalangin, lalo na kay Bathala

upang huag kang lumimot, mahala kita.

Hindi kita malimot, ala-ala kita.

Hindi kita malimot, minamahal kita.

Isinusumpa ko, sa yong kagandahan,

na ikaw lamang, ang tangi kong paraluman.

Hindi kita malimot, huwag kang manimdiman.

Hindi kita malimot, manalig ka sinta

At kung ikaw man ay lumimot

iyong alalahanin, mahal pa rin kita.

English Lyrics:

Only in my dreams do I see you,

since you've been away from me, my love.

I pray, especially to Bathala,

that you'll never forget me, because I love you so.

I can't forget you, you're always on my mind.

I will never forget you, for you are my love.

I swear, my enchantress, that you alone are my muse.

I'll never forget you, don't ever doubt.

I will never forget, trust me my love.

But if somehow you do forget your memories: I will still love you.