Mexico Trip (April 2019) Pictures

Surprisingly enough, though we took lots of pictures while my family traveled through Palestine, Israel, and Jordan, a lot of my photo editing time was actually spent on processing and finishing up my collections from my trip to Mexico/the rest of spring semester.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite ones from Mexico in April. I’m still at work on the vlog for this trip.

See the rest of this album here:

Going through all of these pictures makes me want to think more before pressing my shutter. There’s an ease to digital that’s conducive to a spray and pray approach to photography. What ends up happening is that I’m left with thousands of pictures that I have to cull, sort, and edit through. Most of the time while traveling, these are pictures that look exactly like postcards and are bereft of my personal voice. The ones I actually enjoy, and end up sharing or printing out are often the uncustomary shots, photos taken off the beaten path or at peculiar angles. I think I’ve done a better job of this in our latest trip, and I’m excited to share those.