A Street + Scene Photoshoot ft. Murals, Books, and Orchids

Finally posting the rest of the highlights from the same photoshoot day as the “Textures” Photoshoot with Lisa. We took to the streets and shot in three locations.

First, we shot around a mural near Chinatown. Created by artist Isaac Tin Wei Lin, this mural’s psychedelic patterns with Lisa’s irridescent raincoat made for a great series.

On the way back, there was a pocket of greenery lining a small street, punctuated by quaint streetlights. We used some of the same plastic wrap from before to create some haze and distortion around the edges of the frame.

Lastly, we shot on the windowsill using windows for natural light. I loved how Lisa’s orange outfit complemented the orchids. Near the end, we threw on some accent light and some plastic wrap again to get some dreamy effects.

Thanks for checking these out!

See the whole photoshoot here: