A “Textures” Photoshoot ft. Ikea Chairs and Plastic Wrap

Lisa and I got together again for a photoshoot now that the weather has been wonderful and warming up. In under two and half hours we covered a lot of ground in terms of tonalities and styles so I’ll break up the posts of our work into into three parts: an experiment with textures in the studio, a street photography adventure, and a posed kind of ‘scene’ at home.

For the first part of the photo adventure, we wanted to take on a challenge of taking everyday objects and using them to create interesting in-lens effects.

  1. The back of my Ikea chair

  2. Lisa’s sheer top

  3. A spatula

  4. One of my mesh drawers

  5. Plastic kitchen wrap

  6. Drinking glass

The candidates were strange, but the effects were truly interesting! Plastic wrap was something I’ve seen already on the internet, but nevertheless produced some great distortions. However, the most surprising results were from using a chair back as a drop shadow and the mesh drawer as an interesting face divider. Check out the results below.

Look out for the next photos soon!