Website Updates 05/21/2019

Part of my spring cleaning has been re-evaluating the look and feel of my website. Block 5 neuroanatomy made tinkering with creative things a bit challenging, but now that we’re in Block 6 immunology, look out for more activity.

In general, I changed the main homepage of the site into an indexed scrolling design and chose a cleaner, global aesthetic with less banner photos and titles. I also re-featured subscribing to my mailing list, which I had temporarily hidden from folks because I wasn’t creating any new email posts. I’m currently experimenting with a new way to push new blog posts automatically to the mailing list — instead of me creating a new, separate email campaign each time — bundled every week or so. First, I’ll try it out with a few beta testers and then I’ll roll it out to the whole mailing list. Keep an eye out for that.

Although I’ve been pretty quiet on the personal front, I’ve been working on the website design of our med schools only student run free clinic, the Thrive Clinic. Right now, only a splash page is available to the public, but I’ll definitely let folks know when it’s ready!