Good Travel Vibes (M0E8)

Preboarding airport selfie.

Preboarding airport selfie.

It's a little about 30 minutes from noon and I'm finally at the gate before our trip to Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.) I've been up since from 4pm yesterday, so I'm barely passing as a functioning human. The benefit of being on break before a huge time zone shift is being able to dedicate the few days before to flipping my biological clock. Nevertheless, a small part of me wants to vomit from the sleepiness.

Now that I'm at the gate, I'm currently chatting and messaging folks, a habit I've developed over the years. I tend to message people throughout my whole journey: from the moments from passing security, boarding, passing through any connecting airports, arriving at the final airport, to when I reach my hotel. Not many, sometimes one, sometimes three people. And nothing lengthy, just a few updates, some positive words, and derpy snaps.

Perhaps it's a bit morbid, but I've grown to value my possible last interactions with folks. If, for some reason, I don't make it, I'd like my last exchanges with people I love to be filled with laughter and smiles. I don't usually tell people this, because sending out positive vibes in anticipation of a sudden end does feel rather dramatic - planes are the safest mode of transportation by huge orders of magnitude. But after experiencing a traumatizing flight -- featuring a Filipino thunderstorm in a tiny, two prop plane with a leaky ceiling, a cockpit we could peer into, 1000 feet drops, and multiple prayed rosaries -- right before I fly, I find myself evaluating how I've left the state of my friendships.

If possible, I try to leave my friendships in a better place. I still regret not visiting a friend while they were in the hospital. I didn't even send them a 'feel better' message because I thought I could do it later; maybe after my midterms, after my finals, after my year. But before I knew it, that became impossible. So now, I don't wait to let folks know that I appreciate them. Plane rides just tend to give me a stronger nudge to not leave conversations on bitter or unresolved notes.

Anyway, I'm now boarding. Apologies for my exhaustion addled writing. I want to get more of my unfiltered thoughts out while I travel; be less afraid of writing rough and what not. If you have any recommendations for Scandinavia, let me know!