Med Essentials: Muji Pens + Pouch

With the amount of categorization and grouping I have to do to tame the hordes of information we get in class, splashes of color are paramount. Sprawling nerve/vasculature trees and heaps of classes of drugs would be unbearable and overwhelming in monochrome. My particular favorite weapons of choice are Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens.

pens 2

Early last year, I realized I was tired of my Pilot G2 pens, which had been staples in my writing arsenal for years. I previously latched on to them because of their smooth ink and strong, non skipping lines. But they felt tired in my hands. It's hard to describe the feeling. But, as writing tools, they no longer inspired me; they no longer felt a pleasure to use.

Then, during a work party, I observed my friends using "Muji Pens." I was immediately intrigued. Muji, I found, is a Japanese retail company that focuses on household and consumer goods which are described as, "born from an extremely rational manufacturing process, are succinct, but they are not in the minimalist style. That is, they are like empty vessels. Simplicity and emptiness yield the ultimate universality, embracing the feelings and thoughts of all people."

Their unobtrusive style fits in with my current simple, functional aesthetic. The .38mm tips are perfect for fitting a lot of detail into small spaces. The lines rarely skip and the colors are vibrant.

On that note, I used to loosely stuff my pens and pencils into a backpack pocket. But when I bought these pens, I felt like they deserved a better home. I looked around on Etsy for something that matched my personality and stumbled upon a very charming Pokemon pouch from this seller in Argentina. It features cute drawing of the generation 1 starters - with the strange omission of Squirtle. I'm quite taken with it, and I enjoy being able to toss the pouch into the main compartment of my backpack with my laptop, planner, and notebooks without having the fear of my pens disappearing into the abyss.


Pokemon Pouch by MyMoemoe | Etsy

.38 Gel Pens by Muji | Amazon

This is part of a series of what I hope will be a collection of my most valuable 'essentials' that have served me well in my medical journey. Stay on the lookout for more!