Art isn't a hobby, it's a necessity (M1E1)

I am definitely well into Block 2 of medical school and I haven’t updated this blog with any true thoughts or writing. I’m a bit frustrated that I don’t make time to write here.

However, the past few weeks I found myself pushed and pushed to create. I’m in a Narrative Medicine elective, facilitated by ER doc Naomi Rosenberg, which has inspired me tremendously. I know for sure that art is an essential part of how I will practice medicine. It’s way too late in the night to write lengthy, coherent thoughts, but I’ll share what I’m working on!

I’m bringing together my growing medical knowledge and my love for film to curate two lists of movies: one about the experience of illness, and one collecting films made by physicians.

You can find both of those lists below.

I’ve also been trying to play more music and I found some potential collaborators in the medical school. Two film projects are still in the editing room - one with Lloyd, the other my short film with Jade. Pictures are in no short supply — I have 1000 so far — but I’m going to start doing photoshoots soon. I’ve sketched more, here and there, both for #inktober, and things that I see while I shadow physicians. Along with this blog, I’ve been writing more for myself. I’m interested in curating other pieces of writing from my classmates into an anthology. We’ll see where that goes. Lastly, I’m reconsidering starting back up my mailing list and providing a of weekly update sort of thing - while perhaps highlighting interesting things my classmates are up to.

Doing all of these things in parallel with my medical education has been recharging and invigorating. It resets me, brings me peace, but also allows me to creatively engage with the thoughts and feelings that med school engenders.


Picture unrelated, but from Spruce Street Harbor Park.

To read something Dr. Rosenberg has written, I suggest: How to Tell a Mother Her Child is Dead