What's a White Mage? (M0E3)

White Mage Sprites

A brief background on my blog series' title. I am a huge Final Fantasy (FF) fan. The stories are burned just as deeply into my mind as Fitzgerald, Camus, or Rowling; I know the characters like my best friends; the soundtracks were, and still are, my study jams (FF IX is my personal favorite.)

The worlds of Final Fantasy, like ours, are filled with folks that are good at different things. Some specialize in wielding swords and heavy armor (knights), some prefer fighting with their fists (monks), some set enemies on fire or freeze their souls (black mages), and some are Robin Hoods, stealing from enemies to benefit the party (thieves.)  

White Mage Final Fantasy III

This brings me to the White Mages: the healers of FF. They don white robes, flecked with red triangle trim, typically wielding a staff or a mace. They bear the crucial responsibility of protecting and healing others with their magical expertise. 

I've always admired white mages. Their utility isn't as 'sexy' as the flashy skill sets that knights, black mages, or thieves possess. After all, most of the time they're on the back line never really doing damage to the enemy. But what they lack in offensive power, they make up in 24/7 "keep-everyone-alive-and-breathing" duty. Their whole skillset revolves around restoring health, curing poison, reversing petrification, and preventing status ailments. They keep everyone in the party healthy, so they can focus on more important things, like saving the world from misanthropic, genetically modified supersoldiers.

White Mage - Final Fantasy Tactics

But before anyone claims white mages are helpless in an actual fight, they do possess the power to cast 'Holy' which is one of the most powerful offensive spells in the series. This is to say that, although white mages spend most of their time restoring health, they can and will directly fight anything that threatens their party, or the communities they care about. In other words, white mages are badasses, and they're the true heroes of any game, and none of us could expect to survive a single boss battle without them. 

So there it is, in honor of my favorite video game series of all time, I've named my blog the "White Mage Chronicles." Am I a huge FF fan (nerd?) You bet I am. But like I said in my original WMC post, I'm here to embrace all the things that make me happy and different. This will not be the last time I reference video games I'm sure.

Off to level up!

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