Photography Challenge Week 5: Ten Shots

Prompt (Technical): Shoot 10 shots of the same subject. Each shot should be from a different angle, distance, and focal length. Share your favorite image from the set.

Click on the photo to see it in larger, full resolution!

The Philadelphia Magic Gardens is indeed a magical, chimera of a location. Nestled in a tiny lot in the Philadelphia, the garden is a remarkable feat of public art, filled with debris, art, and other knick knacks combined together in what I can only describe as a 3D-mosaic playground. It was a joy to wander in this space with my friend, Nikita, who graciously let me fit this week's challenge into our city explorations as a subject for my 10 shots.

Technically speaking, my favorite in this set was shot at 24 mm, about 3-4 feet away, with a slight upward angle. I wanted to make it feel like the color and the lights were blanketing her, and in a way acting as an extension of her smile. I also appreciated how the lights left a twinkle in the eyes.

I like most of my other shots as well, particularly 1, 4, 5, 6 in the gallery below (click on them to enlarge.) I definitely do notice the enhancing quality of creating depth within the frame. I also notice that the low angle is not always flattering if it lacks a background to compensate for the awkward angle of looking up at a chin. I used a 24-105mm zoom lens, but when I checked the metadata, although I changed my distance and my angle, I ended up only using 24, 105, and one 75mm focal lengths. This seems to indicate that I either prefer a very wide FOV or a very compressed FOV. Next time I should take care to explore all the intermediate focal lengths. But maybe this also shows that one can get a variety of different looking shots using only a few focal lengths -- I can see how people can live using only prime lenses.

This was a fun challenge this week! I'm looking forward to the other ones upcoming. Thanks for tuning in.

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