the people with whom i travel (M0E5)

Since coming to Philly, I've grown to love the subway. I take it every day - to school, to my apartment, to my friends' places, to eat. There's a pleasure in moving underneath the city with hundreds of people inside long chains of rolling metal boxes. We hurtle along in the darkness while the rest of the world temporarily disappears and operates above us.

I never know who I'm going to see. One of my favorite things to do while waiting is to look across the way to the other platform. It's almost like a stage, see. I like to think about what story is playing out on the other side: where these folks are going, where they've come from, what they're thinking about right now. I'm fascinated by these people I don't know. I thought I'd share some shots from this unofficial series I've started featuring the most interesting sights from across the platform.