"anamnesis" - a Interpretations 2.0 film

Finished a short film! I made it a quest to produce more personal projects this year and this one has been particularly satisfying. :)

For me, storytelling is a way to explore and lay bare our humanity. I'm driven to understand people deeply; to grasp their narratives, their passions, their hopes, their dreams, their fears - and relate these to others in an engaging way. Plus, there aren't enough filmmakers of color, much less FIlipinos, making cinema that represents our community out there.

Ultimately, “anamnesis” is a story that embraces silence; that finds beauty in how much people can say in the way they move, the clothes they wear, the words they keep locked inside; that shows courage through our vulnerability, agency through our decisions; that illustrates that sometimes, in the quietest of moments, love is at its loudest.

Couldn't have done this without the collective effort of the cast and crew. Grateful for my talented co-producer/director Jade, who listened to me, and said 'yes.' Major props to our incredible actors John Carlo, Juliana, and Joriene for breathing life into characters that were previously only paper. And thanks Jerold for lending an extra hand during the shoots - couldn't have done it without ya!

I'd appreciate it if yall watched and shared the video with your friends and fam.

If this film does well in the contest, mentorships from film industry professionals and a Hollywood-backed project could be in the works. But hey, regardless, we've already won; we saw the lack of genuine Asian-American media representation...and we said 'no more.'


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