Hindi Kita Malimot [I Can't Forget You] (Trio Cover)


by Josefino Cenizal

Arranged for two voices by Alfredo S. Buenaventura

Violin/Guitar: Phil Delrosario (@phildelrosario)

It's been a little over three years since I last made a classic Filipino love song cover, so I'm happy to share another one with the world. :)

I adore the sound and lyricism of this and many songs written in this period of Philippine music. The minor intros melting into major soaring tunes, the danza beats swaying and pulsing between beautiful lines of poetry. Ostensibly presenting as courtship or serenading songs to be sung for or with potential lovers, they also seem to speak to an unshakable love of country -- a land whose well-being and existence has been challenged and threatened for centuries. If I had been living in my grandparents' or great-grandparents' time, I would surely be wandering the provincial roads helping suitors serenade their romantic interests, or perhaps serenading my own.

It was fun making my own serenade squad and using a bit of cinema magic to make it all happen. Recently, I've been inspired by the cinematography of Lav Diaz and Alfonso Cuarón with their long takes replete with simple, yet textured staging.

Dedicated to the communities I love, my fam, and future partner. Happy Valentines' ;)

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Tagalog Lyrics:

Sa pangarap ko lamang, lagi kang nakikita

Dahil sa nawawalay, ka sa akin sinta.

Ako'y dumadalangin, lalo na kay Bathala

upang huag kang lumimot, mahala kita.

Hindi kita malimot, ala-ala kita.

Hindi kita malimot, minamahal kita.

Isinusumpa ko, sa yong kagandahan,

na ikaw lamang, ang tangi kong paraluman.

Hindi kita malimot, huwag kang manimdiman.

Hindi kita malimot, manalig ka sinta

At kung ikaw man ay lumimot

iyong alalahanin, mahal pa rin kita.

English Lyrics:

Only in my dreams do I see you,

since you've been away from me, my love.

I pray, especially to Bathala,

that you'll never forget me, because I love you so.

I can't forget you, you're always on my mind.

I will never forget you, for you are my love.

I swear, my enchantress, that you alone are my muse.

I'll never forget you, don't ever doubt.

I will never forget, trust me my love.

But if somehow you do forget your memories: I will still love you.

inspired to create

Don’t wait for others to shine a light on you, just be your own damn light.

As an M1, I’ve often been a fly-on-the-wall photographer, snapping candid shots at events, parties, gatherings, and outings. I find this kind of documentation enjoyable; there’s an intrinsic joy to capturing spontaneous moments and collective memories. But when the bulk of my output are candids, I start to feel my creative edge dull; like I’m always capturing, but never creating; like I’m warming up my voice but never speaking up; like practicing to play a concerto but never performing.

Thankfully, this photoshoot and recent narrative medicine related writing and projects have re-energized my fire and got me excited to continue creating.

To be honest, medical school can be an isolating, devaluing place for an artist like me. I experience such joy from conversations exploring the spectrum of our human experience and condition through cinematography, prose, and photography. And specifically, how these forms can be used to uplift, educate, and advocate for folks who are seldom heard or acknowledged. However, the opportunities, spaces, interest, and friends to do that in and with are preciously rare.

But that’s a topic for another time.

All I really wanted to say is that this shoot reminded me that when I make space and time to truly speak with my craft, not only do I have a voice, I have a damn strong one. And I’m damn excited to connect and ally it with the issues and communities I struggle and fight for.

Side note: DM me if you’re interested in a photoshoot or want some professional (not artsy) headshots!

Check out some more of the photos from the shoot to the right. This session focused on light, and the many ways it falls upon a human form. We both wanted to experiment and see what works! Fun fact, this was both our first time doing studio portraits.

Photoshoot w/ Lisa Zhai

Shoplifters/Roma (Reviews)

I’m going to start posting my reviews here! Find more of them on my Letterboxd, which you should sign up for if you’re any kind of film lover.


"All children need their mothers"
"That's something that mothers would say."

Quiet, kind, and warm, Shoplifters follows a group of individuals sharing a home, with many of them using shoplifting as a main supplement to their livelihoods. The film feels like a spiritual cousin to the Florida Project, offering a slice of life of a family living on the fringes of society. Yet where Florida Project is about poverty and the dichotomy of the worlds of children and adults, Shoplifters is about love and celebrating who we choose to be our family. A rare film that wonderfully renders an honest depiction of poverty without stooping to pity. In many ways, the shoplifter 'family' demonstrates more compassion, love, and grace than the rule abiding society that surrounds them. Like some of Kore-eda's other films, Shoplifters is warm until it isn't, and the crushing sterility of reality makes my heart ache.



I'm warm, and I'm in love.

Cuaron's staging is top of class. He creates incredibly orchestrated dances between his subjects and camera. I can't comprehend how he gets his shots to be so damn organic, despite prominent 180 degree camera moves that move so delicately and precisely, never pushing or lagging behind the action. In parts, his film reminds me of Filipino filmmaker Lav Diaz, who often shoots in long-take black and white wides and mediums, compositions replete with static and moving elements that combine in ways that look simultaneously spontaneous and crafted. Mexico City and its environs are rendered with such care and energy.

Technical craft aside, the women are the true heart of the film. Cleo and Sofia both shine as humans who strive to hold their families together despite the mess and trauma dealt by life and the men around them. Cuaron paints loving portraits of his characters without rendering them subjects of pity, but rather as pillars of resilience.

Art isn't a hobby, it's a necessity (M1E1)

Art isn't a hobby, it's a necessity (M1E1)

I am definitely well into Block two of medical school and I haven’t updated this blog with any true thoughts or writing. I’m a bit frustrated that I don’t make time to write here.

However, the past few weeks I found myself pushed and pushed to create. I’m in a Narrative Medicine elective, facilitated by ER doc Naomi Rosenberg, which has inspired me tremendously. I know for sure that art is an essential part of how I will practice medicine. It’s way too late in the night to write lengthy, coherent thoughts, but I’ll share what I’m working on!

Med Essentials: Muji Pens + Pouch

With the amount of categorization and grouping I have to do to tame the hordes of information we get in class, splashes of color are paramount. Sprawling nerve/vasculature trees and heaps of classes of drugs would be unbearable and overwhelming in monochrome. My particular favorite weapons of choice are Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens.

pens 2

Early last year, I realized I was tired of my Pilot G2 pens, which had been staples in my writing arsenal for years. I previously latched on to them because of their smooth ink and strong, non skipping lines. But they felt tired in my hands. It's hard to describe the feeling. But, as writing tools, they no longer inspired me; they no longer felt a pleasure to use.

Then, during a work party, I observed my friends using "Muji Pens." I was immediately intrigued. Muji, I found, is a Japanese retail company that focuses on household and consumer goods which are described as, "born from an extremely rational manufacturing process, are succinct, but they are not in the minimalist style. That is, they are like empty vessels. Simplicity and emptiness yield the ultimate universality, embracing the feelings and thoughts of all people."

Their unobtrusive style fits in with my current simple, functional aesthetic. The .38mm tips are perfect for fitting a lot of detail into small spaces. The lines rarely skip and the colors are vibrant.

On that note, I used to loosely stuff my pens and pencils into a backpack pocket. But when I bought these pens, I felt like they deserved a better home. I looked around on Etsy for something that matched my personality and stumbled upon a very charming Pokemon pouch from this seller in Argentina. It features cute drawing of the generation 1 starters - with the strange omission of Squirtle. I'm quite taken with it, and I enjoy being able to toss the pouch into the main compartment of my backpack with my laptop, planner, and notebooks without having the fear of my pens disappearing into the abyss.


Pokemon Pouch by MyMoemoe | Etsy

.38 Gel Pens by Muji | Amazon

This is part of a series of what I hope will be a collection of my most valuable 'essentials' that have served me well in my medical journey. Stay on the lookout for more!